Spring Hive Reservation Deposit

Spring Hive Reservation Deposit


Upon paying for your deposit you will fill out a form with your contact information and select if you will be picking your hive up in Walla Walla, Lewiston or Spokane.

The hive costs $250 and you are paying half of the cost of the hive now as a non-refundable deposit. We will refund the deposit if we cannot provide the hive in the spring. The remaining cost of the hive is paid for when you pick it up in April.

We make the hives each spring from established hives that successfully overwinter and are ready to quickly build up. Each hive is made of a new queen and frames of bees and brood. You will receive two supers (boxes) that have 10 frames of drawn wax comb and 10 frames without drawn wax. These hives are an easy way to quickly start a bee hive that will grow and provide some honey in the first year.

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